{week 50} needlepoint

Week 50 of a year-long project is really not the time to get sick. But sadly my body did not take any notice of this and decided to strike me down with a horrible fevery sore throat thing. So I decided to pull out a craft I have tried before – and it is one I started when I was off work recovering from surgery almost exactly a year ago. It seems quite fitting to be revisiting it now as it was also the time that I conceived the 52 crafts in 52 weeks idea.

Emily Peacock kit

Needlepoint does require a certain amount of concentration as you need to count the stitches and keep track of where you are in the pattern so it’s not good if you’re feeling really ill. But once my initial fever-fog passed I was able to get stuck in.

Emily Peacock kit

The kit is The Meeting Place by Emily Peacock (check out the Rob Ryan kit too) and is really lovely. However I have a feeling I’ll need a lot more sick days before I finish it.

1970s needlepoint book

I also had a look through a vintage book – The New World of Needlepoint, published in 1972 – that I picked up in an Oxfam book shop.

1970s needlepoint book

1970s needlepoint book

I love all the patterns and it made me think of Sister Diane’s plastic canvas project. I don’t have any inspiring wool to use (other than my Emily kit) so I think I may have to get hold of some and make some pretty pendants and brooches with the patterns in this book. But I had a little go with some dubious old wool I found in my stash anyway and it was very easy to do.

Plastic canvas

What’s your favourite sick-day craft?

PS Week 51 coming very soon.


2 Responses to “{week 50} needlepoint”

  1. 1 Laura June 4, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Thanks for the link to Emily Peacock, I will have to buy something! I think my favourite sick-day craft might be freestyle embroidery, or even just drawing. Something that doesn’t involve too much concentration!

  2. 2 Christine June 15, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Emily Peacock has so many beautiful kits – I really want to crack on with mine.

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