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{week 8} origami

It may be becoming obvious that I love paper – I have drawers and boxes full of the stuff. That’s not to say I don’t need more – you can’t really ever have enough paper (or fabric, but that’s another story).

So this week’s project is another paper-based one. I’ve made origami cranes before but never in such bright and pretty paper (from Paperchase by the way) so I folded up a few to make a pretty display (glass bowl was an engagement present and has been in a cupboard for a while as I didn’t have anything to put in it). You can find instructions for cranes here.



So cranes are pretty but been there done that so I found something new to try…

Origami flower

This pretty flower was made using this fab tutorial. I’ve had it bookmarked for ages so it was great to give it a go at last.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s project. I’ve covered quite a few papercrafts so far – do you have a favourite I haven’t tried yet?


{week 7} book binding

I’ve had this book sitting on my bulging craft book shelves for a while. For some reason I’ve never made anything from it. Well this week that all changes.

As usual, I used supplies I already had to hand to make this book. I used sketchbook paper for the cover (ideally the cover should be a slightly heavier paper like watercolour but I’m making do) and beautiful pages from old Toast catalogues for the decoration and the facing pages. Bright red thread binds it all together.

Equipment for book binding

The book has two sections and a ‘W’ fold and was very very easy to make. I have a feeling I will make lots more of these in all shapes and sizes.

Front page

Back page

Finished book

Have you tried book binding – what styles have you tried?

{week 6} toy-making

Something I love about the handmade community is the way that people help each other out with ideas, advice and, in this case, the pattern for this project! Thank you to super toy-maker Clare for sending me the very cute bunny pattern which I put my own little twist on to make this little guy…


I’m trying not to buy new materials when I don’t have to so I decided to use a woollen jumper that I’d managed to shrink in the wash. I used brown vintage buttons for his eyes and a piece of velvet ribbon as a fetching neckerchief.


Mr.Bunny went on a little adventure and met a very strange creature….

Meeting a strange creature

Mr.Bunny & Toby

After he’d finished playing with Toby he decided to make some cakes.

Bunny does baking

After all that excitement it was time to kick back and relax in front of the TV.

Relaxing in front of the box

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s project. What will be next I wonder?

{week 5} felty goodness

I love felt – it reminds me of playing with fuzzy felt characters when I was little. Making little scenes and revelling in the touch and sensation of the felt – how did it stick like that? And all the beautiful colours were just delicious.

So when Laura of Bugs and Fishes offered to send me some felt to help me with my 52 crafts project I of course jumped at the chance. But despite loving felt I’ve never really made anything with it. And I’m very time-poor this week so I needed a quick and easy but effective project to try.

My birthday is very very soon and I’m having a little barbecue on Sunday to celebrate so I decided a pretty party garland in the style of the one by The Purl Bee was the way to go.

Felt circles

I found three handy round differently-sized objects to draw around to make my circle templates (a little pot and two cotton reels) and cut them out of card. And then I got chopping into my rainbow of pretty felt scraps – so many gorgeous colours.  Finally I simply and randomly sewed them together in one continuous thread – I used white thread (rather than the invisible recommended by Purl) and just kept going until I’d used them all up.

Sewing the garland

I think it looks gorgeous adorning my dresser (can you spot previous week’s projects? It’s fast turning into a mini art and vintage crockery gallery).

My party garland on the dresser

Do you have a favourite project using felt?

{week 4} papercutting

Papercutting – also known as scherenschnitte (scissor cuts) in German – has deep historical roots. The oldest known papercut is from 6th century China and the art spread across Asia and into Europe by the 16th century. Read more about the history and culture of papercutting on Wikipedia.

It’s no secret how much I love papercutting – if you read paper and cloth you’ll have seen my love for artists like Rob Ryan and The Time is Now – and I’ve been wanting to give it a go for a while. Look at all the beauty I found on flickr!

1. Esiotrot, 2. 333 Miles to Home, 3. Untitled, 4. winter forest papercut, 5. Zoe, 6. An Awkward Grimace, 7. Tree – abundance 3 detail, 8. The Wound (detail), 9. A mother’s afternoon-papercutting.jpg 2

The first thing I did was buy a decent knife. Research suggested x-acto is the knife of choice – I got this one from Amazon.

Then I did some sketching and then some cutting! I just used sketchbook paper as that’s what I had to hand. See skinny laminx’s tutorial for a method where you use thin paper over black paper instead of drawing directly on the paper you’re using like I did. The main thing to do is to make sure you don’t leave any unconnected areas or accidentally cut too far. Take it slowly.

Here’s my first attempt… what do you think?

First attempt at papercutting

First attempt at papercutting

First attempt at papercutting

Have a go, it’s  fun!


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