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Nursery projects part 1

The time is approaching: Baby is due in 5 weeks and 1 day. I can hardly believe it! So much has happened since I found out I was pregnant and that we were moving to the west coast of America. You can catch up on what we’ve been up to since moving over on Letters Home.

So, to the craft. As you can imagine I’ve been itching to get making for the baby’s room for quite some time but the arrival of my craft supplies (and other important things like furniture) from the UK has really kicked me into action.

I still have some projects on the go so this is the first post of probably about three or four about what I’ve made or am making for our little one’s first room.

We’re renting so painting wasn’t really an option – and even if it was, it’s not something we have time for. So decorating the walls in other ways was high on my list of things to do.

The very first thing I made was this handsome chap.

I picked up the wooden owl shape from Michaels. But you could just as easily cut one out of some sturdy cardboard (corrugated would be best).

I then drew around the owl onto some paper (thin cardboard would be better) and divided it into the shapes of wings, feathers across the chest, head etc. I used them as a template to cut out pretty scrapbook paper which I then pasted onto the wood using Mod Podge (PVA would do fine too).

You could make this for virtually no cost if you used cardboard and paper or fabric scraps you already own. It would be fun to personalise it with your baby’s name too. As we don’t know if we have a boy or girl I can’t do that yet but maybe later.

And that’s it. Here he is hanging over our changing station (the drawer unit is from Ikea, along with most of our furniture).

Just look at the cuteness in this drawer…

Part 2 to follow very soon and it’s my favourite project so far.


Recycled Valentine’s place mats

Wow, long time no blog hey? Hopefully you’ve been checking in with Letters Home and you’ve seen I’m settling in to life in California. And can you believe our baby is due in 7 weeks? I have some baby related projects to share soon.

But today is Valentine’s Day so here’s a very quick project I whipped up.

Our belongings from the UK arrived last week which included our gorgeous dining table and chairs. But idiot that I am I didn’t pack our placemats. However we do have a mountain of bubble wrap and paper left over from the unpacking so I stitched these quickly on trusty Nina (the Bernina) who seems to have survived the Atlantic crossing unscathed (oh I missed her!).

All I did was cut the bubble wrap and paper to size, sandwiched them together (like a quilt) and used Nina to freehand embroider a heart and a border through the layers.

I’m going to make some proper mats soon (well time allowing, we’re on a bit of a countdown now!) but these will protect our table for now, and look pretty for our romantic dinner for two tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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