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{week 37} pompoms

Week 37 was all about bringing back childhood memories of winding wool around and around and around circular templates and ending up with perfect fluffy little spheres.

And whilst that was the easy bit (follow a so-easy-a-child-could-do-it tutorial to make your own) – I then didn’t know what on earth to do with the resultant pompoms.

I turned to twitter for help. SophieBird suggested earrings, ClareBears a necklace,  Katie wondered about deeleyboppers, Deepa thought pompoms would make great garlands, and in the same vein Penny pointed me towards bunting. RareNotions wins the prize (sorry, no actual prize is available) for making the most suggestions including a scarf and pompom characters.

And finally, Lucy suggested this project via pinterest. Yes!

So here are my pompom flowers…

Pompom flowers

On my dresser…

Dresser with pompom flowers

I’m very pleased with the end result. I may have to make a few more. What craft have you tired recently that reminds you of childhood?

EDIT: Thank you Jennifer for the link to Sweet Paul’s pom pom projects – so cute!


{week 36} doodling

I asked twitter for some ideas for this week’s craft as I was lacking in time and inspiration. Felt-queen Laura (aka @bugsandfishes) pointed out that it was National Doodle Day so I needed no excuse to go lo-tech and dig out the pens and paper.

In true doodling style I didn’t concentrate on drawing but instead watched TV whilst idly letting the pen do all the work. The result was this…

Doodles galore

I also doodled on a few post-it notes and with it being Valentine’s weekend (when did Valentine’s day turn into a whole weekend I wonder) I drew some romantic notes and turned one into the quickest card ever (perfect if you’ve just woken up today and realised you’ve forgotten something).

Last minute doodled Valentine's card

You could lots of crafty things with doodles. Apart from turning them into cards you could use them as a basis for an embroidery design, use paints to colour in the shapes, turn them into screens for printing and… what else?

{week 35} rag rug

Apparently we throw away over 1 million tonnes of textiles every year in the UK – however as crafters I suspect we all look for alternative uses for old clothes or we mend and alter them. But here’s a way of recycling your cast offs that you might not have tried before: rag rugging.

I confess it’s a craft I’ve always seen as very old fashioned but I think it can be very modern if you make wise fabric and design choices. So I’m hoping my finished rug will be a pretty and contemporary addition to my home. However, as you can see, that might take a while!

Rag rug in progress (it might take a while!)

If you want to have a go at making a rag rug all you need is some hessian, rags and a tool called a ‘proddie’. I bought my kit from ebay. I decided to use jersey fabric (old tshirts) in whites and greys to make my rug (but I’m going to have to ask my friends and family to help me out with supplies as I don’t have enough old tops to make a cushion cover let alone a whole rug!).

Let me know if you’ve made a rag rug before and if you have any top tips for anyone who wants to give it a go.


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