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Nursery projects part 3

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Baby due date is just a week away now. I don’t think he or she is going to arrive for a while yet though so there’s still a bit of time to finish up some crafting.

This will be a bit of a whistle-stop tour of all the latest projects as some are so simple they don’t need much explanation.

First up: burp cloths and blanket.

Yes that's my 39-week belly

The blanket is simply one layer of flannel hemmed all the way around (it’s approximately 40″x40″).

The three burp cloths are made from two smaller fabric squares. I sewed the two layers, right sides together, leaving a gap to turn it through. Then I top-stitched all the way round.

I have a matching quilt in the works but I’ve run out of thread so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and show it to you soon.

Next: owl bookends

These are simply two rectangles of linen with an owl applique made from vintage fabric applied to one of them. I used freeehand machine embroidery and a couple of buttons to pretty them up. Then I stitched the two rectangles together (right sides together) leaving a gap to turn and fill them. They were then filled with cheap rice and the gaps sewn closed.

Not forgetting: teeny tiny baby hats

I used a tutorial by Alisa Burke to get the basic idea. They’re simply made from an old jersey t-shirt, decorated with some pretty fabric paint and stitched together (or you could use fabric glue like Alisa). I didn’t leave the end long enough so instead of tying a knot I sewed it down so it kinda looks like one instead.

Last but totally not least: freehand machine embroidered owl picture

I sketched this owl a little while ago so I decided to play with my favourite craft technique and make a little framed picture.

I backed brown fabric with some heavy interfacing and cut it to fit my frame. I decided to use freezer paper to transfer the basic outline to the fabric. I just ironed it to the fabric and sewed over the top of it. You could use a fabric pen instead. Once I had the outline I tore off the paper and then filled in the details. I’d quite like to make some more of these as they’re so easy.

I’ve got a couple more projects to finish so hopefully I’ll have time to get them done and I’ll be able to show you soon. In the meantime I’ll keep crafting to distract me from the wait until we meet our little boy or girl!


{week 33} appliqué

I have a craft book addiction – you should see them all! In fact, you can, here you go:

I have a lot of craft books...

So the last thing I needed was another craft book. But that didn’t stop me buying this one:

It’s a lovely book – it’s spiral bound, which I always like in an instructional book, and the full size patterns are all included in a pocket in the back. I hate it when you have to enlarge a pattern – it’s a real barrier for me to attempting a project. As well as all the instructions you need to learn the basics of appliqué it has lots of inspiring projects and ideas for you to try. I really want to make the coasters as soon as I get some batting. But this week’s project utilises supplies I already have: plain tote bags and fabric.

If you want to join in, you will need:

– plain tote bag
– fabric scraps in patterns and colours that make you happy
– matching or contrasting embroidery thread
– embroidery hoop
– needle and small scissors

I’m using the reverse appliqué technique for this project. I’ll try and explain it as we go along but if you have any questions just ask.

1 ) Draw a circle on the bag of a piece of fabric – I used a small jar as a template.
2 ) Cut squares out of the fabric scraps a centimetre or so larger than the circle.
3 ) Turn the bag inside out. Pin one piece of fabric to the bag – right side facing down. Turn the bag back the other way.
4 ) Draw around the circle template on top of the two layers of fabric.
5 ) Put the bag in the embroidery hoop – only the front of it, if you sew through it all you won’t have a very usable bag!
6 ) Embroider around the circle using a running stitch.
7 ) Remove the bag from the hoop.
8 ) Very very carefully snip away the bag fabric a few millimetres inside your stitched line – don’t cut the fabric underneath. A small sharp pair of scissors work best.
9 ) Repeat as many times as you like. You can tidy up the inside of the bag by trimming the squares down to circles if you like.

Reverse appliqued book bag

If you need any help, let me know in the comments. Happy crafting. x


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