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{week 43} dyeing eggs

Well Easter is coming and the bunny is getting fat… or something like that. So my mind has naturally turned to what crafty things I can make for the weekend where all diets are officially off. I decided that decorating eggs was the way to go – I love what Alisa Burke did to these eggs but I’ve already done doodling so I thought I’d give dyeing a go.

Naturally dyed easter eggs

I decided to use what I had to hand around the house to make the dyes – it was fun making the concoctions and conducting a chemistry experiment in my kitchen.

I used these instructions and I tried spinach, coffee, red cabbage and brown onion skins with varying results.

Spinach – the resulting liquid was barely yellow. I didn’t even bother using it. I think I needed to use a lot more spinach and boil it for longer.

Spinach dye = a fail

Coffee – no boiling required. The resultant eggs were a nice soft brown.

Red cabbage – the colour took a long time to develop on the eggs but when it did it was a pretty blue.

Red cabbage dye

Onion skins – my favourite result: a lovely orange.

Brown onion dye

I tried a couple of effects. On some I used wax crayon to draw designs to resist the wax. And I had a great result with masking tape on one of them too.

Naturally dyed easter eggs

Have you experimented with dyeing eggs naturally? How did you get on?



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