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{week 17} tick tock

Another week, another tutorial. I needed a little help from my husband for this one (which is nice as it’s our wedding anniversary today) as he has cool tools like staple guns. And he’s good at figuring things out like the fact we’d need the cardboard in step 2.

You need:

A blank stretched canvas
Some pretty fabric (some left over Anna Maria from the cushion project)
Some scrap corrugated cardboard
Clock movement – you could recycle them from an old clock or buy new (I got mine here)
A staple gun
Scissors, ruler, pencil
A glamorous assistant (aka husband)

Gathering supplies

1) Find the centre of your canvas. Make a hole big enough to fit the clock parts through.

2) Cut some cardboard to use to pack out the back of the canvas – it needs to be thick enough so it’s the right depth for the clock to sit securely – we used three pieces. Make holes through all the pieces as before.

Making the holes big enough

3) Cover the canvas with the fabric using the staple gun to secure it.

Staple gun fun

4) Make a hole in the fabric using the earlier hole as a guide.

Holey holey

5) Poke the clock part through all the holes – secure with the nut.

Attaching the back

6) Attach the hands and there you have it, a pretty clock to match your cushions!

Finished clock



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