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{week 26} air-drying modelling clay

Wow, I’ve made it to the half-way mark. I thought I’d do some big spectacular craft for this landmark week but unfortunately q lack of time and my health (I’ve hurt my back) intervened so it’s a simple one this week.

I loved playing with the air-drying modelling clay to make simple tags.  It’s really accessible – you don’t need fancy equipment – and anyone can have a go. I bought my clay from Hobbycraft and used biscuit cutters to cut out the shapes after rolling it out – I used baking parchment to cover the board and clay (rather than get clay on my rolling pin!)

Tags made from air-dry modelling clay

The most important thing to remember is to keep it wrapped up once you’ve opened the packet as it will of course dry out otherwise.


I left the shapes to dry overnight and the next morning they were ready to use – I filed the edges with a nail file to make them smooth. I can see loads of ways of using the tags – I’ve used one on a jam jar to make a little candle holder and as decoration on my Christmas presents. I’d also like to have a go at decorating them with paint and rubber stamps (if I have time, week 27 is just around the corner).

Wrapping up Christmas

What other ideas do you have? Have you played with air-drying clay?


{week 9} porcelain beads

Well no paper or fabric involved in this week’s project. Time to get out of my comfort zone and try something different: clay. My friend Lisa sent me a bag of porcelain clay – my challenge, if I chose to accept it, was to make beads.

I gathered some tools – I decided I needed things that would produce nice textures…

Old jewellery and a mini sieve amongst other bits and pieces. The sieve turned out to be my favourite tool.

And then I got stuck into making a mess with clay. It’s very therapeutic – and if you mess up you can just start again.

I ended up with an array of beads and buttons (click on the photo to view on flickr and see the notes explaining how I made each one).

Beads and buttons

Next step is to let them dry and then very very very carefully wrap them up for their journey to Lisa to be fired. I’ll update later with the results.

Speaking of Lisa, check out her beautiful work…

And my very own personalised bowl that she made for my wedding…

Hope you enjoyed this week’s craft – it was a bit of a different one for me but definitely enjoyable. Have you ever dabbled in clay?


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