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{week 52!} batik

Wow, here we are at week 52. I can’t quite believe it. I came up with the idea whilst recovering from back surgery last June and I’m so proud to have completed a craft a week for a whole magnificent year.

Another crazy idea I had a year ago was to take part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk. So I’m writing this post whilst resting my ridiculously sore feet. I walked 26.2 miles through the night for breast cancer and completed it in a very respectable 7 hours. Something else to be proud of I think. I hope all this pride doesn’t result in a fall. As I can hardly walk that’s very possible.

With my medal

Anyway, on with the craft. For the very last week I decided to try batik.

The basic principle is that you apply molten wax to fabric to create a pattern and then dye it. I used an Xxx to drip the wax in a flower pattern – the fabric is stretched tight over a hoop first. Then I decided to use coffee to dye the fabric – but you can use batik dye. After soaking it for ages I let it dry and used absorbent paper and an iron to (attempt to) remove the wax. You can repeat the process to add another colour if you like to make more intricate designs.

Batik - last week of 52 crafts in 52 weeks

As you can see, the wax hasn’t entirely lifted off yet so I need to give it another iron. But I think batik gives a nice effect with the natural dye don’t you? I’d like to add some machine embroidery to it and make it into a pillow or maybe a bag.

Stay tuned for a big end of year giveaway later this week. And all the details for year 2 and how you can join in.

Thank you for all your support over the last 52 weeks. Every comment, view, retweet, idea and subscription means so much.

Happy crafting,
Christine x



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