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Nursery projects part 2

{part 1 here}

We have a bit of a blue & green bird theme going on in the nursery and this project came to me whilst browsing the Ikea blog. There was a wall of bird boxes hanging on a nursery wall and I thought “I can do that”.

All it took was some fabric scraps, buttons, glue, cardboard and a bit of measuring and planning.

I started with a paper model so I could work out the dimensions and pieces I needed. To give you some idea of scale, the base is 3″x3″ and the height is 6″.

I then used these pieces as a guide to cut out the cardboard (I used corrugated card from an Amazon box).

I have a box full of fabulous vintage fabric that I picked up in Oxfam years ago so I pulled out some blues, greens and browns. Using the cardboard shapes as a template I cut the shapes out allowing about 1cm extra so I had some spare fabric to wrap around the edges of the cardboard. Then I stuck it all down using mod podge.

To assemble the bird houses I used hot glue (my favourite part!) and added buttons.

Finally, to hang them we drilled holes directly in the back of the houses and hooked them on to nails.

I love them combined with the framed Charlie Harper postcards. I don’t mind admitting that this is my favourite project so far.

More ideas: you could hang them from the ceiling instead of the wall; make mini ones for a mobile; stand them on a shelf; make them in a variety of sizes. This was such a fun project, I’d love to see if you have a go!


{week 38} assemblage

I came up with the idea for week 38 after seeing this tutorial on CRAFT by Abigal Patner Glassenberg. I didn’t really know what assemblage meant but I did a little research…

Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.” Wikipedia

And I thought: “sounds like the perfect craft for Christine as she hasn’t planned anything yet again and has no time to buy new stuff”.

So here’s my own assemblage birdie (I didn’t follow the tutorial exactly but used it for inspiration). My finished little bird is made of pretty vintage fabric scraps, some spare bits of wire and is mounted on a gesso coated canvas.

Birdy made from vintage fabric

Week 39 is coming up very shortly as I’m a week behind. And thanks to food poisoning I’m likely to end up behind by another week if I don’t come up with this week’s craft soon! But at least I’ve managed to update my blog layout so I can post larger photos at last – hope you like it. I’d like to do more work around here soon and I need to go back over old posts and update the photos but I think it’s all looking much better.


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