{week 4} mono printing

Have you enjoyed this month of printing? I have. My fingers are stained with printing ink and I have learnt four new printing techniques, all of which I can imagine using again.

Framed monoprint

This week I tried mono printing. I’ve found several different methods of mono printing but I found this technique in an old issue of Making magazine.

You need: glass (or acetate), a roller, ink, paper (plus scrap paper), fabric (optional) and some pretty foliage from the garden.

Nature's supplies

1) Mix a light colour and thinly cover your glass with it. On a scrap piece of paper lay down some of your leaves. Cover the leaves with a layer of ink.

Printing in progress
2) Place the leaves ink side down on your paper. Use your roller to cover all the paper with ink. Peel off the leaves and leave to dry. Repeat with your paper, and fabric if you like (I used some linen).

Printing in progress
3) Clean up your roller and glass.
4) Once your first prints are dry, flip them over and draw a simple line drawing on the back.
5) Roll out the darker ink on your glass. And then blot the ink with some more scrap paper.

6) Really really gently, lay the paper face down on the inked-up glass.
7) With a ball-point pen draw carefully over your line drawing.
8) Peel back the paper to reveal your mono print.


Monprinted linen
I will probably do some machine embroidery over the top of the linen, I really like the effect and I have a particular soft-spot for that little leaf down in the bottom right of the fabric.

So, have you done any printing this week or over the last month? I’ll be sharing everyone’s projects and posts here later this week so don’t forget to comment here, on Twitter (using the hashtag #52crafts52weeks), on Facebook or Flickr.

Flashback: week 4 in year 1 was all about papercutting 


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