Are you eccentric? Your comments

Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post about eccentricity.

Kate said:

“Well, I can’t say that I have any eccentric habits when I write. I just try to do it when the children are outside playing and it is a “little” quiet (like now).”

Kate’s scenario is probably common for many of us – snatching time to write (or create) when we can and the demands of life don’t interrupt us.
Jen gets dressed up to write:

“Well, given that I’m currently wearing a witch hat to help me focus on rewriting a manuscript about Southern witches, I think I can safely say, yes, I am eccentric.”

She’s written a haiku about it today on her blog too.
Jackie is quirky but not eccentric when it comes to writing:

“I’m pretty business-oriented when it comes to [writing]. My eccentricities show up when I’m in public, with other people. Mostly, I think, it’s about my sense of humor. So that can sneak into my writing. But it’s generally a person-to-person kind of eccentricity. I like to make people laugh, because I like to laugh. And that, more often than not, requires an engagement with others.”

And Nicole added:

“Much like you, I don’t think I have any creative rituals or anything. I create differently depending on what the project calls for or how I believe may be the best way to develop a project.”

Alana doesn’t think she has a creative ritual:

“but….I certainly am eccentric.”

And finally, Stephanie added the experiences of her creative family:

“Our family has always stoutly maintained that we are not weird, we just have the eccentricities of genius. Of course, that difference was lost on the bullies on the playground, but my mother writes romance novels and cozy mysteries, my dad writes very technical engineering articles, I write nonfiction, and my sister writes poetry. Most of us are published, too. Must be something in the water.”

I loved everyone’s comments. Thank you again. It’s not too late to join in the discussion – are you eccentric?


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