Silk paper continued – adding some stitchery

Yesterday I made silk paper and immediately my thoughts turned to what to do with it – well not immediately, I had some food first.

I was flipping through my sketchbook when inspiration struck.

Sketching poppy heads

My favourite new craft skill since I started on this project is probably freestyle machine embroidery so I took my sketch of dried poppy heads, drew it on to the thicker piece of silk paper with soft pencil and got ready to start stitching.

However I had a minor scare when I unpacked and plugged in Nina the Bernina (it’s been a while) as she started buzzing in a very alarming fashion. Luckily a quick google search revealed the issue – the bobbin winder was pushed over. Phew! I was in the mood for stitching and a faulty machine would’ve dampened it a little.

Stitching on silk paper

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy freehand stitching. It reminds me of sketching and I love the resulting look – a bit like a pen drawing.

Poppy head embroidery

I might add another poppy to it – what do you think?

Yesterday I  shaped the thinner sheet of paper over a glass and I had in mind that some stitching might work on it too.

Embroidered silk paper bowl

And it did! I think it would make a lovely tealight holder. But I won’t be lighting the one is this photo. I’ve ordered some LED candles instead. Safety first crafters.

Don't worry I won't light it...

So have you got some more ideas on how to use handmade paper? Here are some from me:

  • make greetings cards, stationery and note paper
  • and gift tags or even wrapping paper
  • use it to mount photos in frames and scrapbooks
  • make it into bookmarks
  • use in your art journalling
  • make paper flowers.

I love handmade paper, don’t you?

PS Day 3 of Blogathon 2011. If you’re taking part too how are you finding it so far?


8 Responses to “Silk paper continued – adding some stitchery”

  1. 1 Tia Bach May 3, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Stunning… makes me want to go dig out all the pictures of my babies and get back to scrapbooking! Now to find the time. Good luck on your crafting and your Blogathon journey.

  2. 3 Claudine Jalajas May 3, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Wow.. this is really pretty cool. I’m a terrible with a machine but I do a lot of bead stitching. This is really cool.. I love the way it looks.

  3. 5 Sami May 3, 2011 at 10:01 pm


    I came across your blog and just had to leave a comment! I think it’s fantastic that you’re dedicating so much time and effort to learning new crafts- what a year! Your house must be full of lovely things by now :)

    Sami x

    a.k.a. Made by Sami

  4. 7 Alyson May 4, 2011 at 3:50 am

    That’s very, very cool. I wish I had any talent with a sewing machine… as soon as I touch them they have a habit of breaking on me.

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