{week 32} marbling

Marbled papers are often used in stationery and as book endpapers. I have some beautiful marbled paper I bought in a bookbinders in Rome (I must dig it out of my craft room to show you). I didn’t have a clue how to make my own though.

When I’m not sure where to start with a technique I obviously turn to google but I also look around for any starter kits that I can pick up for a few pounds. I found this one on Fred Aldous and although you only get a small amount of ink it’s a perfect size kit to try the technique for the first time.

All you do is put water in a tray (it’s worth noting that whilst this kit uses water, others use something called size so check the instructions before you get started), drop on the ink (I just used two colours at a time) and then I used a cocktail stick to draw the inks together. I then laid a piece of cotton rag paper on top for a few seconds. I left the paper to dry and then cut a heart out of one piece to frame.

Framed marbled paper heart

It could be a pretty valentine’s day gift or maybe a wedding present.

Pretty paper

I made a rainbow collection of papers to use in future projects – what would you use them for?


2 Responses to “{week 32} marbling”

  1. 1 elizabeth January 26, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    this takes me back in time to school art classes… I’m not sure what I’d use them for, though, but probably cut them into strips to make cards (i saw a project where you take different patterned scraps, cut them into strips/stripes, and glue them to a blank card to use for thank yous), or use them in some mini scrapbooks.. or even frame a few to hang together in a room that needed a pop of color.

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