{week 16} wire jewellery

You may have realised that even before I started this project I’d dabbled in a lot of crafts and I have a lot (understatement) of craft supplies. So this week I decided I needed to try and use some more of them up – it’s fun picking out new supplies but if I bought new stuff every week I’d soon be eating baked beans for dinner.

So this week I decided to get out my long neglected jewellery making supplies and make a necklace. I’m also having a go at a little tutorial for you this week.


You need:
A focal bead – I bought mine a couple of years ago in a bead shop in London
A few inches of silver wire – about 0.5mm/24 gauge
About 6 inches of thinner silver wire – about 34 gauge
Two pairs pliers (round nose)
One pair of side cutters

I got my wire and tools from Jillybeads.

It’s impossible for me to take photos of a lot of the fiddly bits but I’ll try my best – let me know if anything isn’t clear and I’ll try to explain.

1) Make a loop with your thicker wire – leave a tail of about an inch. (note: I’m recycling an old piece of wire which is why it’s bent!)

Step 1

2) Hold your loop with one pair of pliers and use the other pair to wrap the tail around a few times. Snip off the excess with the side cutters.

Step 2

3) Thread your bead on to the wire. Then make a loop at the other end and wrap the tail around again in the same way as you did the other end. Snip off the excess again.

Step 3

4) Take the thinner wire – wrap it around one end a couple of times to make it secure. Take it down the side of your bead and loop around the other end so it’s tight. Take it up the other side and loop again. Keep going until you’re happy with the look you’ve made. Loop it around one end a couple of times to make it secure and snip off the excess.

Step 4

5) Now you can make another one and turn them into earrings or just make one and thread it onto a matching chain.

Finished pendants

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial – let me know if you have a go at making a pendant of your own.


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